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How to Safely Test Your Battery Today

Testing the battery in your car requires a voltmeter and the understanding how to safely use the tool. The Holler Honda service professionals want you to stay safe as you test your car battery at home. Follow our guide for a streamlined experience!

Before testing the battery, make sure that the car engine is off and the lights are not on. Open the hood and look closely at the battery terminals. If you see corrosion, use a wire brush to make a clean connection for the voltmeter. Locate the positive end of the voltmeter, a clamp marked in red, and…

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Is it Time to Schedule Brake Pedal Service?

When you are driving on the road, your brakes are what keep you safe and keep others safe if they are around your vehicle. There is some routine maintenance that needs to occur with your brake pedal as well as brake pads, rotors, etc. In addition to this routine maintenance, there could be issues that need to be repaired. If you suspect this is the case, you will want to bring your vehicle in to our Honda service facility in Orlando, FL as soon as possible. Neglecting your braking system is never a good idea when it comes to safety…

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Stay on Top of Your Headlight Maintenance

Headlights are one of the most important features of your automobile. They allow you to see clearly and avoid obstacles on the streets of [CITY]. Malfunctioning or burned-out headlights are both a safety hazard and a moving violation. You can avoid sticky situations, including tickets, by taking care of them.

These days, it's fairly easy to replace the bulb inside your headlights. Many manufacturers have begun to make housings that are easy to remove. It is important to make sure you've purchased the correct replacement bulb, though. LED lights can be more difficult.

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Drive Safe with a Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignments are simple maintenance that needs to happen on a regular basis. Whether you are taking your car in for an inspection, or you buy new tires, a wheel alignment allows your car to run as efficiently as possible.

When your wheels go out of balance, you may notice right away. The steering wheel may shake, especially at higher speeds. Don't drive around for too long when you have problems with your alignment, as you can cause problems with your vehicle that will be expensive to repair.

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Explore the Right Range of Horsepower for You

It is common when we purchase a vehicle to ask what the horsepower of the vehicle is. That does not mean that we are asking how many horses we will need to buy in order to pull the vehicle. It is actually a measure of the power of the engine relative to how much power it has. The more the horsepower, the faster the car or truck will run.

The term of horsepower came about in the 18th century when the famous inventor, James Watt was looking for a way to sell his steam engines. He was observing ponies hauling…

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