While it can often be confused with a dead battery, a failing alternator is a much different system. In both cases, your car will experience a loss of functionality in electrical things like the radio, lights, or the air conditioner. You'll hear a whining noise or perhaps smell burning rubber if your alternator is failing. Your car will also die as soon as you remove jumper cables from your battery.

The alternator powers things in your vehicle once the battery has given the engine enough of a charge to start it. Spinning wheels in your engine turn a wheel in the alternator, producing electricity. The belt that spins the wheel could wear out, which would cause the burning rubber smell. You may see a light on your dashboard that illuminates and looks like a battery, signalling trouble with your alternator.

If you notice any of the signs of a failing alternator, the mechanics at Holler Honda can inspect your vehicle and make any repairs necessary.



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