Is it Oversteer or Understeer?

If you're familiar with mechanic talk, you may know about oversteer and understeer. These two terms describe vehicle dynamics. In specific, they deal with the sensitivity of the steering motion in a given vehicle. There are a few differences to recognize between these two steering behaviors.

When your vehicle tends to fishtail, you have a problem with oversteering. In a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the rear generates the power. When the back end tires lose their grip, it causes the vehicle to spin outwards. Despite the dangers associated with oversteer, it is actually quite common. To alleviate the problem, the mechanics at Holler Honda can apply a downforce to the suspension to increase the grip of the vehicle's rear.

Understeering is usually responsible for turns that have too much forward motion. The front wheels tend to go straight even when the steering wheel is turned. The cause is a lack of grip on the front end of the vehicle. This causes the wheels to become non-responsive during turns. A service technician will need to increase the front wing to fix this type of problem.

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