Keeping Rodents at Bay Can Prevent Vehicle Damages

Here at Holler Honda, we like to help our customers and others find ways to prevent unnecessary damages to their vehicles. One source of considerable damage to many vehicles are rodents. Small rodents such as rats and mice can do quite a number on vehicles of all sizes. Thankfully, vehicle owners who follow a few simple rules can prevent catastrophic damages to their vehicles. These rules include denying rodents shelter, using deterrents, and having them removed.

Many rodents live close to human dwellings, and often use shrubbery or unkempt surroundings as hiding and living places. By making sure that garages and other areas around houses are well ordered and clean, owners can deny rodents places of refuge.

Rodents that make it to cars can often cause damage in the form of chewed wiring and even stashed debris. By placing traps, repellents and ultrasonic devices around vehicles, owners can keep rodents at bay. If all else fails, vehicle owners can have offending rodents removed by professional pest removal services. Many modern services can use humane methods to capture and then release rodents in more suitable environments.



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