How Do Brake Pads Work?

If you're starting to hear the characteristic grinding and squealing that indicates your brake pads are wearing down, it might be time to replace them. Regularly changing your brake pads will keep you from inadvertently damaging your braking system.

There's a brake disc located on at least two or up to four of your wheels. These discs spin at the same rate as your wheels, and when you press your brake pedal, the action engages a brake caliper. This caliper squeezes the disc, causing it to slow. The friction of this action tends to build up a great deal of heat in addition to being very wearing, so your calipers are capped with graphite pads. How often you'll need to change these pads will really depend on whether you do a lot of city or freeway driving.

We'll keep you safe on the road when you visit us at Holler Honda to have your brakes serviced.



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