Make Car Washing Fun and Maintain Exterior Appearance

Holler Honda thought it was a good idea to provide information to help ensure you get the most out of your car. Whether you've just purchased your car or you've owned it for a while, there isn't anything better than driving it when it's clean!

Washing your car on a regular basis helps to maintain its original paint color. Nowadays, cars are manufactured with an exterior protective coating, and the best way to get the full benefit is to keep harmful elements from the paint. Although some people make it into a major event for the day, normal car washing typically takes less than an hour to get a good shine and remove the harmful elements, such as dirt, grime, bugs, and pollen.

Car washing is also a good form of light exercise. Additionally, it can be a responsible chore for teens, but we'll leave that up to the parents to decide! Contact us for more information on maintaining your vehicle.



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