Dash Cams and Why They're Important

Gone are the days when cameras were just used for family portraits. Today we have cameras that take pictures and/or videos. Such is the case with dash cams for vehicles. Whether you drive across country or around the block, you never know what can happen. Stop at Holler Honda and talk to our specialists about the importance of dash cams. If you already have a dash cam but aren’t sure how it works, we’ll help you with that as well.

There are several reasons why it can be important to have a dash cam:

  • Driving accidents
  • Parking accidents
  • Demonstrating driving skills
  • Prevent insurance fraud
  • Documenting trip highlights
  • Capturing scenery

Whether it’s to prevent costly lawsuits or to capture the beautiful scenery, dash cams can be an important accessory to your vehicle. Visit our service center and we can assist you with dash cam installation or answer your questions.



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