How to Safely Test Your Battery Today

Testing the battery in your car requires a voltmeter and the understanding how to safely use the tool. The Holler Honda service professionals want you to stay safe as you test your car battery at home. Follow our guide for a streamlined experience!

Before testing the battery, make sure that the car engine is off and the lights are not on. Open the hood and look closely at the battery terminals. If you see corrosion, use a wire brush to make a clean connection for the voltmeter. Locate the positive end of the voltmeter, a clamp marked in red, and connect to battery terminal positive end. Grab the negative end of the voltmeter, a clamp marked in black, and connect to your battery terminal's negative side.

Turn on the voltmeter and see if the reading is above 12.4, the sign for a strong battery. An under 12.2 reading means the battery can not hold a load and could fail anytime. If you need help using the voltmeter, come to our Honda parts and repair facility and our team will test your car battery and recommend a replacement if needed.

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