How to Tell if Your Brake Pedals Need to be Serviced

If you keep your vehicle maintained with routine services and inspections, it will greatly increase the safety of your vehicle. Your brake pedals should always feel firm, but if you notice that they feel spongy or soft, it could mean it is time to have them repaired at a service center with skilled technicians at Holler Honda.

Air in the brake line is a typical cause of a soft brake pedal. This is because brake fluid is the only thing that should enter the brake lines, and if air penetrates the lines, it could cause damage. In addition, the steel tubing that the brakes lines are made of can corrode with rust and cause small holes in the lines. If you notice any signs of leaks, it is imperative to have it inspected immediately. Other common problems with brake pedal include bad wheel cylinders, a worn master cylinder, and bad disc brake calipers.

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