Explore the Right Range of Horsepower for You

It is common when we purchase a vehicle to ask what the horsepower of the vehicle is. That does not mean that we are asking how many horses we will need to buy in order to pull the vehicle. It is actually a measure of the power of the engine relative to how much power it has. The more the horsepower, the faster the car or truck will run.

The term of horsepower came about in the 18th century when the famous inventor, James Watt was looking for a way to sell his steam engines. He was observing ponies hauling coal at a coal mine and deduced that one pony could move 33,000 pound-feet per minute. This observation caused him to use the term horsepower as a measure of what a machine could do in the way of providing energy for a task.

Today it is very common to use horsepower to rate an engine of a vehicle as to its power to be able to run the vehicle. Stop in and see what we have at our disposal at Holler Honda!

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