Consider a New Honda SUV for Your Family's Adventures

We at Honda Holler love helping car buyers choose the right car for them. An SUV is a good compromise between a truck and a car because it offers some of the benefits of both. While you drive around towns like ours, there are many conveniences of owning an SUV.

You can usually have more than four people in your vehicle comfortably. If you take a trip, or just drive Monday carpool, more seats are convenient. Those off-road day trips are also easier with an SUV. The higher clearance will keep the vehicle from getting damaged and allow it to access rougher roads.

An SUV tends to be a safe vehicle because it is a heavier vehicle. This sets it apart from smaller cars and allows one to feel comfortable driving with the masses. Many newer SUVs also have the added benefit of good gas mileage, which is a bonus!



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