Important Tire Information for Every Driver

At Holler Honda, we like to educate drivers like you. Today, let's talk about your tires.

Stroll through a full parking lot if you want to see a spectrum of tire conditions. You will see new tires, others with moderate wear and bald ones. Bald tires may seem novel, but they are dangerous. Tires do more than roll. They provide traction that is greatly diminished by a lack of tread. You especially need tread on wet and slick pavement. To determine whether your tires have enough rubber for the range of potential driving conditions, try the penny test. Point the top of President Lincoln's head into a tire's grooves. If you can see the top of his head instead of tread, you need new tires.

For traction and wear, tire inflation also matters. You can find your auto's recommended tire pressure on the driver's door jam. Obey those inflation values for proper tire wear.



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