Understanding the infotainment system

Like many people in Orlando, you may find yourself wondering what automobile enthusiasts are referring to when they mention and infotainment system. Given its etymology, you may naturally assume that it’s synonymous with edutainment, or entertainment intended to educate. In all reality, your infotainment system refers to the section of your vehicle’s console where climate control, gauge readouts, and multimedia controls are located. This term has been used for that part of your dashboard since the 1980s in all reality.

In modern times, the infotainment system is synonymous with the modern, futuristic dashboard display system located in contemporary vehicles. This is a screen where important components such as GPS, digital vehicle readouts, multimedia controls, and hands-free communication are located. These are a big selling point with modern vehicles, and are more than just a convenience. They provide a much more solid at a glance readout of your vehicle statistics, and allow you to drive safely while accessing communications, navigation and entertainment. Big names in mobile computing are even branching out into sophisticated, rather nice infotainment designs. To learn more about these, and experience with these can really do, come visit us at Holler Honda today. These systems are really neat, and we’re eager to show you what they can do.




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