Looking Back at Some of the Honda Motor Company's Sustainability Milestones

While some automakers have only recently shifted to more environmentally-friendly business practices, the Honda Motor Company has been invested in sustainability since 1972. That was the year it built the CVCC which was the first-ever engine to meet U.S. Clean Air Act standards. From that time, the company has come a long way and has hit many green milestones. We review some of them below.

  • Honda built the first mass-produced 4-cylinder car to ever surpass the 50 MPG mark in 1986. It was known as the Civic CRX-HF and was a pioneering vehicle for its era.
  • Honda developed Valve Timing Electronic Control in 1990. Known in short as VTEC, this technology is still the foundation for what makes Honda models perform more efficiently.
  • Honda introduced the Honda Insight in 1999. It was the first gas-electric hybrid model available for public release in North America.

These three milestones are demonstrative of the automaker's continued dedication to overseeing a more eco-friendly industry. From its debut of the fuel-cell clarity to its greener manufacturing process, Honda is showing no signs of slowing either! That is why our team at Holler Honda can confidently say that our brand is forward-thinking and is sure to appeal to eco-conscious drivers in Orlando, Florida.

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