Students of Historically Black Colleges Honored By Honda


2018 is not the first year Honda has organized an event to support students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or HBCU's for short. In fact, for 15+ years, the automaker has planned, organized, and put on the annual "Honda Battle of the Bands" competition. This yearly competition returns January 27, 2018, with a theme of "March On: Dream Together."

The general public is encouraged to visit the Honda Battle of the Bands website to vote for Historically Black Colleges and Universities who will be eligible to compete. Eight finalists will be chosen among HBCU's like Albany State University, Benedict College, Hampton University, Kentucky State University, Morehouse College, Prairie View A&M University - among others.

Honda Drives the Power of Dreams

The HBOB is not the only way Honda will be acknowledging talented students of HBCU's who give back. This year, Honda will award it's fourth consecutive HBOB Power of Dreams award, which the public is also open to vote for. This award honors students from HBCU's who "are positively affecting the lives of others and moving the HBCU Community forward."

To learn more, visit the Honda Battle of the Bands website, or contact us here at Holler Honda today.

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