The Significance of Dashboard Warning Lights

The warning lights that make up the dashboard structure are vital since they are the only indications of whether everything is going on as it should be in your car, or if anything needs to be changed. They provide you with a heads up, thus serving a useful purpose.

Here is a quick description of each type of warning light and what these lights specifically mean:

  • Battery charge light - among the reasons why this light would illuminate is a problem with your car’s charging system. If the problem persists, your vehicle will eventually come to a halt
  • Tire pressure monitoring light - if this light stays lit, there is a possibility of a tire issue, signifying a potential puncture
  • Airbag warning light - this light indicates a faulty airbag that may not go off during a car crash

To learn more about the meaning of dashboard warning lights and their liabilities, do not hesitate to visit our technicians at Holler Honda for expert services.

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