Potential Risks of Neglecting your Vehicle

Not checking the state of your vehicle on a somewhat regular basis can mean that problems with your car will go undetected. When you go without regular maintenance, you are putting your vehicle at risk. Some of the consequences of ignoring the problems with your vehicle include tire blowouts, engine damage, increased braking distance, and a much harder steering wheel turn due to loss of power steering fluid.

All of these issues can be avoided by scheduling maintenance with our service team at Holler Honda. You should have general maintenance done every 3,000 miles or so, which is every three months at the average driving rate of 1,000 miles per month, making the beginning of every season a perfect time to get on track. Our technicians will take care of your car so that you can drive with the comforting feeling of knowing your car will be reliable.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Don't put yourself in danger just because you didn't find the time to service your vehicle.

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